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Begin by introducing the AWS Cloud platform and its significance in modern IT infrastructure.


Explore how EC2 provides resizable compute capacity and dive into instances, pricing models, and use cases.


Explain the fundamentals of S3 storage, object management, and the role it plays in various applications.


Discuss managed database services with RDS, including support for popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more.


Cover serverless architecture using AWS Lambda, highlighting event-driven computing and its applications.


Explain how ELB distributes incoming traffic across multiple instances for improved availability and scalability.


Explore VPC concepts, subnets, security groups, and network isolation for enhanced security.


Introduce DynamoDB as a managed NoSQL database service, suitable for applications requiring high availability and low latency.


Highlight the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with CloudFormation, simplifying resource provisioning and management.


Discuss IAM's role in securing resources, managing users, roles, and permissions effectively.

What will you learn in the workshop?

Cloud Essentials Unleashed

Learn the fundamental concepts of AWS Cloud, from virtualization to scalable infrastructure deployment. Gain insights into the AWS ecosystem's foundation.

Service Deep Dives

Dive into Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and explore its siblings in the AWS family. Understand their roles, features, and versatile applications.

Security Fortification with IAM

Master Amazon S3's art of flexible storage solutions. Discover object storage and how S3 adapts to diverse use cases, from archiving to real-time data access.

Data Management made smarter

Navigate the world of Amazon RDS. From SQL to NoSQL, learn how RDS simplifies database management while ensuring high availability and fault tolerance.

Serverless Adventure with Lambda

Embark on a journey into serverless computing with AWS Lambda. Understand event-driven architecture and unleash its power to run code without managing servers.

Architecting secure network with VPC

Craft your private realm in the cloud with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Securely design networks, subnets, and security groups to fortify your AWS environment.

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who have taken this workshop would recommend you to join in if you fit any of the following:

Impressive Learning Experience

The workshop itself was structured in a way that allowed us to dive deep into the major services of AWS within a short span of time. The content was well-organized and covered all the essential aspects of AWS, giving us a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage its services effectively.

Pracical Approach

What I appreciated most about the workshop was the hands-on approach. We were provided with practical examples and exercises that allowed us to apply the concepts we learned in real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhanced our understanding but also gave us the confidence to implement AWS solutions in our own projects.

Well Organized workshop

The workshop itself was divided into different sessions, each focusing on a specific AWS service. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields, and their passion for AWS was evident throughout the workshop. They were able to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner, making it easy for participants with varying levels of expertise to grasp the content.

Perfect attention to detail

What impressed me the most about the workshop was its comprehensive coverage of all the major services of AWS. From EC2 instances to S3 storage, from Lambda functions to DynamoDB databases, every important aspect of AWS was covered in detail. The instructors provided hands-on exercises and real-life examples to illustrate the practical applications of each service, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of how AWS can be utilized in various scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic familiarity with cloud concepts is helpful, but not mandatory. Our workshop is designed to cater to both beginners and those with prior cloud knowledge.

Yes, our workshop is structured to cater to participants with varying technical backgrounds. We start from fundamentals and gradually delve into more advanced topics.

The sessions are conducted live, allowing participants to engage with instructors, ask questions, and participate in interactive discussions. Recorded sessions are not available.

Absolutely, you’ll gain access to comprehensive course materials, including slides, hands-on exercises, and additional resources to enhance your learning experience.

Yes, interaction is encouraged! You can ask questions, seek clarifications, and participate in discussions during the live sessions.

Definitely! Hands-on exercises are an integral part of the workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to practice concepts and apply them in real scenarios.

We offer a support system, which includes a dedicated forum and communication channels for participants to interact with instructors and fellow learners.

While we recommend attending live sessions for the full experience, we understand that conflicts may arise. Recordings of missed sessions are not provided.

While the workshop doesn’t offer formal certifications, you will receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges your participation and the skills gained.

Yes, our workshops often lead to ongoing learning opportunities, such as advanced courses, webinars, and networking events to further enhance your cloud expertise.

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